Gold: $1503.60 - Silver: $17.11 - Platinum: $850.00 as of: 8/23/2019 | Click here for LIVE PRICE

Waxing Poetic
Sentence Necklace
Decorus Flower Necklace
Scribbler Love Necklace
Scribbler Believe Necklace
Scribbler Dance Necklace
Scribbler Dream Necklace
Scribbler Friend Necklace
Scribbler Necklace Faith
Scribbler Necklace Hope
Scribbler Necklace Wish
Bangle Bracelet
Nestel Leather Bracelet
Harmonious Cuff
Proclaimable Cuff
Curator Ball Bracelet
Eternal Anthem Circle Earring
Maritime Earrings
Orbital Band Earrings
Stamped Cross Earrings Brass
Lux Vitae Bezel Earrings
Flutterby Ring
Pisana Sanctum I.D. Ring
Lux Vitae Rings Griege
Freedom Cross Ring Sterling Silver

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